The Science of Politics: An Introduction by Josep M. Colomer

The Science of Politics: An Introduction

Book Title: The Science of Politics: An Introduction

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0195397746

Author: Josep M. Colomer

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Josep M. Colomer with The Science of Politics: An Introduction

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A broad, accessible, and rigorous overview of politics, The Science of Politics: An Introduction introduces students to the most substantive and important issues in the field.

Josep M. Colomer takes a unique approach to the study of politics, addressing it from two points of departure: as a fundamental human activity to pursue the common interests of the members of a community (i.e., the "public good") and as the subject of systematic and reliable knowledge (i.e., science). This method helps to bridge a persistent gap between developments in research and actual teaching in the discipline. It provides students with the best possible foundation to build upon as they move into more advanced study in the field.


* Presents thirty principles that have been established through research over the years
* Gives students the methodological tools to explore, study, and understand questions and issues that they may encounter
* Discusses a variety of key issues including action, representation, government, and policy
* Incorporates a number of pedagogical devices including summaries, key concepts, review questions, problems and applications, comparative case studies, and special features explaining classic research contributions